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ALS Ontario raises funds for services and for research to find a cure. All funds raised for research are designated to the ALS Society of Canada to fund only the most promising projects reviewed by some of Canada’s top researchers. While we have been rewarded with some breakthroughs, there is still much to learn and so much to do to end this devastating disease.

For information on how ALS research funding works and what type of projects have been funded please read below. 

How does ALS research funding work?

In 1999, the ALS Society of Canada partnered with the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC) to form the Neuromuscular Research Partnership (NRP). This partnership was created to collectively fund health research by providing operating grants in the area of neuromuscular diseases with a mandate to find a cause, treatment options and eventually result in a cure. Each partner contributes an equal share.

By working together, the ALS Society of Canada has lowered administration costs, avoided duplication for researchers, and has access to an exemplary peer review process, conducted entirely through the CIHR at no cost to either ALS Canada or MDC.

The ALS Society of Canada is committed to investing research funds where they will have the most impact.

The ALS Society of Canada funds excellent and relevant peer-reviewed research.

The ALS Society of Canada funds research that is evaluated at a high level using international evaluation methods adopted by the CIHR.

Relevant Information

Within the Neuromuscular Research Partnership, the ALS Society of Canada, along with Muscular Dystrophy Canada, fund only research relevant to neuromuscular disease.

Again evaluation methods are used to rank proposals on their relevance to understanding, treatment and cure for neuromuscular diseases, particularly ALS.

All research funded by the ALS Society of Canada is peer-reviewed (as stated in the policies of the organization), meaning that a panel of qualified individuals review all research proposals using appropriate criteria to determine excellence and relevance and rank them accordingly. These are all safe-guards designed to insure that donor funds directed to research will advance our understanding and get us closer to treatments or a cure for ALS. Another way ALS Canada increases the impact of donors’ gifts is to partner with others or to find matching dollars.

For more information on how funding works and/or on what is being funded, please visit the ALS Society of Canada website.