Golfing Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

People get what they are worried about. Golf attire is an overwhelming world of confusing patterns, pleated skirts, and various hats. Nowadays, you won’t play another sport that gives you as much enjoyment to free yourself physically as golf does. However, before you race to lick out your preferred fancy outfit selection, it’s worth knowing what doesn’t cross any lines. Here is a useful guideline of golfing accessories that will help prevent any attire issues and pass the strictest golf clubhouse dress codes.

Golfing Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

Golfing Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

Hats and caps

A hat is not necessary. No hat, no worries. However, in the summer heat, your face and upper body will really appreciate some sufficient protection from the blistering sun. The only thing to remember here is that your cap should be worn with the peak placed forward.


Your favorite pair of sunglasses could be a great save on a bright sunny day. Not only do you avoid the glare of sunlight, you also get to maintain style and elegance while aiming for the perfect shot.

TopDown Golf is an online golfing website where you can get your daily golfing information on the go. Want to know, which travel bag is perfect for an upcoming match? Do you have trouble picking the right pair of sunglasses? This blogging site allows golfers, beginners or professionals, to pick the right gear and tips for their golfing needs. You can pick from 2018’s best sunglasses to be prepared for a hot sunny day on the golf course. Simply check the site to view some of the hottest sunnies on the market like:

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  • Oakley Men’s Bottle Rocket
  • Under Armour Rival Shield

You can choose from any of these wonderful options get your desired pair based on features, color, design, individual pros and cons, reviews and prices. Once you have picked your product, just follow the Amazon links provided here so you can have your pair in no time! For people who are not used to shopping online for golfing sunglasses, TopDown Golf also provides viewers with blogs and buyer guidelines so golfers know the benefits of different pairs, what they should look for before buying their sunglasses, and even golfing pro tips for the best golfing experience. So hurry now and get your favorite sunglasses today!


There is no denying the necessity of a good shirt on the golf course. A decent amount high-quality golf shirt should be a part of any golfer’s closet. The important thing is that your shirt should have a collar. Polo shirts are a great golf shirt choice, which allows easy and comfortable playing, but they should come with a collar. Your shirt has to be tucked in during every game, either you are putting on full sleeves or sleeves that go to just above your elbow. Any other shirt options like tees, vests, halter-necks, rugby shirts and football shirts are to be avoided at all costs. This is non-negotiable for any professional golfer or golfing enthusiast.


Most golf clubs expect professional golfing shoes to be moving on their expensively maintained courses. You can easily pick a pair within an affordable price range. If you cannot choose between metal and rubber spikes/cleats, we feel that rubber is the best choice. Many different clubs have disallowed metal spikes to help keep their courses safe. Normal tennis-style trainers are a reasonable allowance at other clubs. However, don’t expect to have a great time in your flip-flops or high heels.

With that said, you should be all set for the golf clubs with your golfing attire, so enjoy your golfing!

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