How Cycling Can Make You a Better Athlete

Cycling is typically looked down upon by athletes such as runners. They feel that being on a bike reduces the impact of the workout. The fact that sitting and getting help from two wheels for mobility limits the overall effort that an individual puts out. However, many that cycle and run know a secret, how cycling can actually improve your running speed and make you a better athlete.

Training or just going out on your bike is a wonderful way to get some cross training in your daily routine. Whether you do it as a hobby or actually employ a bike to get from one place to another. It is a great form of exercise. It can be beneficial for athletes for the following reasons:

How Cycling Can Make You a Better Athlete

Works to help your body recover

As a runner, after a long distance run your body tends to take a toll. You exert quite a lot of energy running especially the legs. Depending on how much you run, chances are you will be sore and tired the next day. To help your body and legs recover, you can take up cycling. The movement of the legs in cycling allows for more blood flow into the region and prevents it from getting stiff. It also allows you to continue to workout and speed up recovery as it doesn’t require as much an output as running, of course this also depends on how you bike.

Target other muscle groups

If your primary source of exercise is running then that means you target pretty much the same muscle groups each time you run. Introducing biking to your routine will allow you to target more muscles that were previously not being targeting while running. While some muscles will be the same, others will also be targeted due to a difference in motion of movement. Not only that, you can add more intensity to your biking routine and those muscles that may have plateaued during running will also feel the burn.

Puts less pressure on ankles and knees

Running can be really tasking on your body. Especially those areas that have joints like the knees and ankles. These two areas take quite a beating when you run, especially if you run on harder surface. Making them vulnerable to injuries. Cycling actually takes a lot of pressure off both your knees and ankles while putting quite a lot on your legs ensuring they do all the work. So your knee and ankle will actually thank you for taking up cycling.

Cycling can be as impactful as running. You can get the same amount of impact as a long distance run in long distance biking if you put in the effort. That is why more and more athletes are switching to cycling to get their cardio workout.

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