Conversion From An Athlete to A Golfer

Athletes have a very different lifestyle than most of us. They are active, have a fast metabolism and spend most of their life eating and drinking healthy. Even with such a healthy lifestyle, athletes age and with time their reserves and strength deteriorate. Studies show, due to the inability of their body to keep up with the athletic trends, most athletes end up as depression and anxiety patients.

An easy and effective way to prevent going downhill is converting to a less physically demanding sport which keeps you busy and gives you a sense of accomplishment. For this nothing is better than converting from your athletics to golf.

Conversion From An Athlete to A Golfer

Conversion From An Athlete to A Golfer

Some of the steps that will help you in the easy conversion from your daily athletics to gold are:

Golf group:

Before joining a gold club or a park, it is important that you either join an already present gold group or make a small group of your own. This will help you adjust in the environment easily since you have your partners in crime along with you. That would aid you in socializing and that is imperative for you as you age. It has been seen that people who join a gold club with a group usually enjoy more and are more satisfied with their day. Furthermore, joining as a group earns you discounts in most of the clubs.


Gold equipment, on the other hand, is also quite significant. Like all other sports, without proper equipment, you will not understand what golf is and what are the dynamics of playing it. The required equipment is the complete golf set that is usually a 12-piece set which has all the necessities of playing the game. You can get it in the price range of $100 to $1000.

If you have spare money, investing in a golf cars is a good option as well. Since golf courts are located on extensive lands, traveling from one place to another can be tiring and time-consuming on foot. You can get pre-owned as well as new golf carts easily on the market. some of the most popular golf carts are:

  • New AGT Zephyr 2:

This electric golf cart is available in a number of colors and can easily accommodate two persons. It requires 48 volts to start up. With an aluminum frame and independent suspension, it provides a maximum speed of 32 km per hour. It comes with Trojan batteries that are backed up by a 1-year warranty and the whole cart is backed up by a 2 years warranty.

  • New AGT Zephyr 2 + 2:

This is an advanced version of the gold cart mentioned above. With the same 48 volts batter it can accommodate 4 people and for further protection, it has an extended roof. The warranty on the trojan batteries is 1-year and the warranty on the rest of the cart is 2 years.

  • New AGT Rambler:

This is a large 6-seater cart that has an extended roof and works on 48 volts trojan batteries. Its anti-slip tires and smooth rides make the high price worth it.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are other 8 and 10 seater carts but they are for commercial use.


Usually this part is the most neglected but in my opinion, proper apparel for any sport is very important. it helps you get in the form and do your best in the game. The reason behind this is completely psychological. Getting into gym clothes helps you work out efficiently rather than working out in your pajamas. Same is the case with golf. Gold apparel mostly consists of whites and light colors including proper gold shoes that don’t ruin the land. Also, white socks with the shoes are part of the typical golf apparel. In very hot areas, pants are replaced with Bermuda’s or shorts.

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