How to Free Yourself of Anxiety

There are so many tips that you can rid about how you will be able to get rid of anxiety but unless you truly digest the ways on how you would be able to do it, you will have a hard time. It can be even harder if you do not have the support of your family members and friends. Sadly, some people think that anxiety is just something that people make up in order to get attention. This is not true at all.

Anxiety is a serious thing. The more anxious a person gets, the more that he will not be able to function normally every day. Some people are so anxious that they can barely get out of their own homes and even at home, they worry constantly about the smallest things. People with mild anxiety may still be able to control their emotions but those who have severe anxiety may get lost in their emotions.

How to Free Yourself of Anxiety

How to Free Yourself of Anxiety

Some people smoke in order to get rid of anxiety. Whenever they feel stressed about work or about a report that is going to occur soon, they smoke and they immediately feel better. The soothing effect may come from the components of the cigarette but there are also times when they get a good psychological effect out of it. If you get addicted to smoking, it can be bad for your health and you have to undergo some hypnotherapy sessions among others to stop the habit. Check out Stop Smoking hypnotherapy reviews so that you can gain more details about it.

Other ways that you can get rid of your feelings of anxiety are the following:

  • Know how to do deep-breathing exercises.

You need to be aware of your breathing so that you can concentrate on that instead of concentrating on the thoughts or the situation that is causing you to feel stressed. Instead of the usual, shallow breaths that you take, do deep breathing. It will allow you to feel more relaxed and it will clear your mind off the things that are causing anxiety.

  • Try to meditate.

Some people would rely on the medications prescribed by their doctors whenever they start feeling stressed out about life but will this actually work? It is best that you try meditating. You can try to sit in a room alone. You can shut out all of the sounds from the outside world and allow yourself to be in touch with your soul. It will be enough to help you calm down. You only need to do this a few minutes every day to get the results that you want.

  • Get rid of financial stress.

One of the main reasons why people get anxious is because of money. Money is needed by people in order to live comfortable lives but not all people have enough of it. If you live within your means and you do not have any debt then you do not have to worry about financial stress but if the payment for your bills are coming up and you do not have any funds, this can cause a problem. Try to avoid having debts so you can live a more anxiety-free life.

With all of these tips in mind, living anxiety-free is more possible than before.

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6 Tips for a Safe Snorkeling Trip in Cozumel

As an athlete, you are probably constantly seeking out new ways to have fun and to make the most out of each and every holiday trip.  The Caribbean island, Cozumel, is a superb holiday destination especially for athletes because there are so many wonderful activities to enjoy and so many wonderful adventures that will keep you busy and content.  This little island is absolutely breathtaking with plenty of gorgeous reefs to see, plenty of sea creatures to explore and plenty of water activities that are bound to get the blood pumping through your veins.  Snorkeling is an absolute must for your trip to Cozumel because the reef near this Caribbean island is constantly exploding with vibrant sea creatures and vegetations.

Snorkeling may seem like a harmless adventure but it is actually quite dangerous.  In fact, this is the activity that poses most life risks to tourists.  One of the biggest causes for drowning during snorkeling trips is because the fins make it hard for snorkelers to regain posture and panic can easily leave you in a fit.  Here are a few tips to help you stay ultimately safe while you are enjoying snorkeling in Cozumel.

6 Tips for a Safe Snorkeling Trip in Cozumel

6 Tips for a Safe Snorkeling Trip in Cozumel

Use a professional snorkeling tour

Using a professional snorkeling tour is a good idea for two major reasons; it is much safer and snorkeling tour agents know of all the best locations with the most beautiful reefs.  Cozumel snorkeling excursions will ensure a safe snorkeling trip whether you are an experienced snorkeler or completely new.  The tour agents will supply you with high-quality snorkeling gear that enhances your safety, they will take you to the best and safest reef locations and these snorkeling experts will help guide you so you can enjoy a perfectly safe trip.

Use a buddy system

It is never a good idea to go snorkeling alone.  You can easily get lost, caught in a current or get tired.  The buddy system is the safest solution and is best accomplished in a snorkeling tour. This system ensures that you are always close to each other so snorkelers can keep one another safe.

Only snorkel in clear water

Steer clear of the murky or turbid water.  You won’t be able to see any reefs anyway and it is incredibly dangerous.

Monitor the weather

The weather has a way to change quickly.  If you see that the weather is changing then it is probably best to head back to land.

Monitor currents

Some currents will push you out but some can pull you deep into the ocean.  It is important to keep an eye on currents so you won’t get drawn inward.

Don’t touch the reefs

Touching the reefs and sea creatures is just a bad idea.  You can spread terrible infections to sea creatures and there are plenty of sea creatures that are incredibly toxic.  Keep your hands to yourself so you and reefs can stay safe.

Out of all of these safety tips, the biggest one to consider is your own personal fitness levels. Overestimating your personal capabilities is one of the biggest mistakes that tourists make. Never wander too deep or too far for too long because when you get too tired to swim there will be nothing to keep you from drowning.

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Why Is Eating Healthy Important for Athletes?

An athlete uses up a lot of energy whenever they are working out, and hence eating a healthy diet is very important. If they don’t eat the right foods, they might not be able to give in their best performance. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why eating healthy is important for athletes.

Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease

Eating the wrong diet increases the risk of chronic diseases due to nutrient deficiencies. The immune system of the body gets weakened when you don’t eat the right foods, and that increases the risk of getting sick.

Fuel Your Performance

Food is the fuel that the body needs for it to perform better. Giving it the right nutrients means that it will have more energy, muscle, and will have the ability to recover faster.

Improve Skin and Bone Health

The skin looks better, while the hair and nails are strengthened when one eats food with nutrients such as biotin, vitamin E and zinc. The bones, on the other hand, are strengthened when one eats foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Maintain Energy

The energy levels of the body as well as sleep are affected by nutrition and bodyweight. Complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein will keep you at your peak performance during the day, and proper sleep during the night.

Why Is Eating Healthy Important for Athletes?

Magicfly Automatic Egg Incubator Poultry Hatch

Poultry is one of the best sources for proteins, and it is much healthier than beef because it is white meat. Including poultry in your diet is a great way for any athlete to stay in shape. That is what brings us to the next topic, the Magicfly Automatic Incubator Poultry Hatch. You can now buy fertilized eggs and hatch them right in the comfort of your home, and within a few months you’ll have plenty of poultry to take care of all your dietary needs. The Magicfly automatic egg incubator is a digital, fully automatic egg incubator that can incubate the eggs of chicken, ducks, and geese. It is very easy to use since one just puts in the eggs and it does the rest of the work, which includes automatically controlling temperature and rotating eggs. A full LED display lets you know the progress in the incubator.


  • Simple style, made of durable healthy PP+ABS material
  • Digital and fully automatic for up to 12 eggs
  • Automatic egg turner
  • Automatic temperature control ensures the machine in an optimistic environment, Rohs, CE, C-tick Approved


It is important for any athlete to stay consistent with their healthy diet in order for them to be in the best shape always. Eating a healthy balanced diet will keep the doctor away as it boosts your energy levels and performance. You don’t have to buy all of the food that you eat, if you can plant or rear it. That is the reason why we featured the egg incubator above, which can be your gateway to rearing your own poultry food.

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The Best Softball Bats for Athletes

Athletes don’t have to necessarily only engage in athletics but they can engage in other games as well such as softball. Well it is rare to find an athlete that engages only in athletics unless for those who take athletics as a career. In that case when it comes to softball, the kind of bat that you decide to use will define the kind of experience that you will have.  When it comes to softball bats, there are either fastpitch or slowpitch. Most of the time people normally think that fastpitch bats are better but on the contrary slowpitch bats are normally better. Some of the best softball bats include:

The Best Softball Bats for Athletes

The Best Softball Bats for Athletes


This is one of the strongest brands when it comes to softball bats. Since the company was founded in 1989, it has been on the forefront in making both slowpitch and fastpitch bats. Some of the best DeMarini bats include:

DeMarini Flipper OG

This is one of the best in the DeMarini family and has gotten many positive reviews. It has been made in such a way that it creates a good balance. It is 34 inches long and has a weight of 27 ounces which works for most people. It has not only received many positive reviews but has also gotten the approval of the American Softball Association (ASA).

DeMarini Ultimate weapon

This is also a great DeMarini bat that has a grip of 6 millimeter and a barrel of 13inch. It has not only been approved by ASA but also National softball association (NSA), the independent softball association (ISA) and also the United States Specialty Sports association (USSSA). In terms of positive user reviews, it does not have as many as the flipper version. Unlike the flipper version, it comes with three different sizes giving you the flexibility of choosing the size that would work for you.

Easton SP16BSUA Bomb Squad Dual Stamp

This has been highly regarded by its users as one of the best bats. It has a carbon handle that gives a great grip to eliminate vibration and give you more comfort while using it. It is also relatively cheap as you can get it at approximately $100.Its downside is however the fact that it is heavy even though it comes in three different sizes of 26, 27 and 28 ounces.

Easton Composite Brian Wegman

Even though it has not been approved by ASA, it has been USSSA approved and it’s been regarded as one of the best. It however comes in only one size, 27 ounces it ensures maximum power from its end loaded barrel. This helps you to have more control on the bat and also reduce vibration.

Those are just but a few of the best softball bats in 2017 but there are many more and with great features. You can visit for more information. You should however not skip reading reviews on the bats so that you can have an overview of what other customers went through.

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Do Fasting Diets Work

Many people are grappling with the weight loss issue. Cutting weight has become more challenging that you could imagine. There are all sorts of online platforms claiming to have overnight weight loss solutions, and very many people have fallen prey to them. Some claim to have medicinal cures, while others cures like acupuncture. The truth is that they could either work, or fail to work. The best ways that I know how to lose weight are through exercise and eating the proper diet. There are also other simple weight loss tips that we are going to discuss in this article. Some people believe that fasting will help them to lose weight but that will not work in most cases, according to me, because for how long will they be fasting? The moment that they stop fasting, they are bound to balloon again.

Do fasting Diets Work

Drinking More Water

Water is very important for the metabolic process. When the body is dehydrated, metabolism is slowed down, and this hampers the weight loss process. There is also the fact that drinking water before meals could make you eat less food, leading to less calories. Drinking water before meals, according to a study by the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise in Virginia, in 2009, reduced meal energy intake among middle-aged and older adults.

Be Prepared

When people are hungry, the first instinct would go for sugary snacks as compared to other things like carbs. You’ve got to be prepared to go for healthier things like carbs instead.

Make green tea your tipple

The fact that it stimulates fat oxidation makes drinking green tea the better option despite the fact that it might not taste as good as regular tea.

Spice up your mealtimes

Make your meals flavorable with spices such as chili peppers. Chilies not only add flavor to food, they also have fat burning properties due to the capsaicin in them.

Exercise More

Exercise not only burns fats, but it builds muscles. This means that more calories in your body are used, leading to weight loss.

The New York Hypnosis Institute

There is another brilliant way to lose weight. We understand just how difficult it can be sticking to a weight loss schedule, whether it is through exercise or diet. That is probably the biggest reason why you need to check out the New York Hypnosis Institute. They provide the perfect solution to easily lose weight and get that stunning body that you were after. The best thing about this is that it is a natural method that simply seeks to make you more motivated in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss hypnotherapy changes the way that your subconscious looks at food, deals with emotional triggers, and influences a person’s actions every day. Everything that anyone does is automatically stored in the hard drive of their subconscious, from where it influences their actions and behaviors. When stressed, you’ll see people reaching for that chocolate bar believing that it will make them feel better. Weight loss hypnotherapy helps people to deal with such situations in a healthier way. Such would include going to exercise instead of burying yourself in a bowl of ice cream.


If you follow the simple weight loss tips mentioned above, you’ll achieve your goal within no time. If adhering to the schedule seems impossible, you might want to try out weight loss hypnotherapy to give you a little more inspiration.

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How Cycling Can Make You a Better Athlete

Cycling is typically looked down upon by athletes such as runners. They feel that being on a bike reduces the impact of the workout. The fact that sitting and getting help from two wheels for mobility limits the overall effort that an individual puts out. However, many that cycle and run know a secret, how cycling can actually improve your running speed and make you a better athlete.

Training or just going out on your bike is a wonderful way to get some cross training in your daily routine. Whether you do it as a hobby or actually employ a bike to get from one place to another. It is a great form of exercise. It can be beneficial for athletes for the following reasons:

How Cycling Can Make You a Better Athlete

Works to help your body recover

As a runner, after a long distance run your body tends to take a toll. You exert quite a lot of energy running especially the legs. Depending on how much you run, chances are you will be sore and tired the next day. To help your body and legs recover, you can take up cycling. The movement of the legs in cycling allows for more blood flow into the region and prevents it from getting stiff. It also allows you to continue to workout and speed up recovery as it doesn’t require as much an output as running, of course this also depends on how you bike.

Target other muscle groups

If your primary source of exercise is running then that means you target pretty much the same muscle groups each time you run. Introducing biking to your routine will allow you to target more muscles that were previously not being targeting while running. While some muscles will be the same, others will also be targeted due to a difference in motion of movement. Not only that, you can add more intensity to your biking routine and those muscles that may have plateaued during running will also feel the burn.

Puts less pressure on ankles and knees

Running can be really tasking on your body. Especially those areas that have joints like the knees and ankles. These two areas take quite a beating when you run, especially if you run on harder surface. Making them vulnerable to injuries. Cycling actually takes a lot of pressure off both your knees and ankles while putting quite a lot on your legs ensuring they do all the work. So your knee and ankle will actually thank you for taking up cycling.

Cycling can be as impactful as running. You can get the same amount of impact as a long distance run in long distance biking if you put in the effort. That is why more and more athletes are switching to cycling to get their cardio workout.

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Shopping for A Basketball Hoop

It is important that athletes engage in other games as well such as basketball. To play basketball, you will however need a basketball court, a basketball hoop and the ball itself. If you have a court and a ball, then a hoop is an important factor that you have to add. To get the right in-ground basketball hoops, there are factors that you have to consider. They include:

The setting you intend to use your hoop

There are different settings in which you can use your hoop and this is an important consideration when you are shopping for a hoop. In some settings such as an institution, you will need a sturdier hoop with a stronger post and a durable backboard.  Some settings will need more distance from the post to the backboard and a biggest backboard. Residential settings on the other hand will need a smaller backboard and a shorter distance from the post to the backboard.

Shopping for A Basketball Hoop

The type of backboard you will use

Backboard can be used with many materials and the material you decide to use on the backboard will have an influence on the kind of hoop you may use. On some backboards however, any hoop can be used. The material used on the backboard will have an influence on the material that will be used on the hoop.

Size of the backboard

As much as there are standard sizes for backboards, they can be of variant sizes and this will have an influence on the kind of hoop that may be used on them.

Distance from the post to the backboard

Most of the times, the standard distance from the post to the backboard is four feet but it may be more or less depending on your preference. This will have an influence on the hoop that will be used so that there is more comfort in playing the game.

The type of post used

The thicker the post, the better as it means it will be stronger and sturdier. This is therefore an important consideration to make in choosing an in-ground basketball hoop.

Height adjustment mechanism

There are different mechanisms that can be used to adjust the height of a basketball hoop such that people of different ages can engage in the game and still enjoy it. It can be as high as it can be and as low as even up to 7 feet.

Available space

It is important to make sure the kind of pace you have available first before committing to buy a hoop. The space will determine which kind of hoop you will get such that it is suitable for the space.


If you are a first timer when it comes to a basketball hoop it is important to do enough research. Alternatively you can seek advice from someone experienced such as a basketball coach or basketball retailers. There are also many blogs where you can get all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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An athlete’s priority in its training and workout should be to reduce the chance of injury and get healthy, get flexibility, proper nutrition, sleep habit and strengthening weak links. Sports are not only a game or a physical activity; in fact, it is a way of life. People who start playing sports at a young age tend to grow up to be more disciplined, and they learn valuable life lessons like taking defeat positively. There are some essential points to reduce the cause of injury and maintain a stable life.

  • Flexibility

In sports and performance, it’s hard to maintain a high level of flexibility to perform high level and reduce the danger of an injury. The workout is an excellent way to produce mobility in joints and flexibility in muscles of the body. For an athlete, it’s vital to do at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercises a day to reduce the chance of an injury. Ideally, you should practice dynamic stretching or partner based stretching.

  • Proper nutrition

Nutrition is inarguably important in athletes training for staying fit and healthy. Athletes should take food that is rich in nutrition which improves the ability of recovery and performs at a high level. Therefore, you should focus on consuming enough nutrition and protein to maintain the weight loss or weight gain or maintain the energy expenditure in training.

  • Sleeping habit

Sleep plays a significant role in aiding to improve the body of an athlete. By developing a proper sleeping habit, you can reduce the chance of injury and perform at high level. For an athlete, it is crucial to take at least seven to eight hours of sleep and wake up at the same time every day. In addition, work at the proper time and reduce the stress before going to sleep improves the quality of sleep especially on the competition day. Some techniques should be kept in mind keeping TV and computers screens off before going to sleep.

  • Strengthening weak links:

Athletes should give time to train and strengthen their weak links. They must work on their sensitive links such as ankle, neck, and forearms. Performing daily workout and focusing on weak links helps in reducing potential injury and strengthen the weak parts. Smart players focus on their weak area in training to reach a high level of competition. For example, wrestlers should engage in neck flexion exercise to prevent the neck injury.

  • Requirements for women:

The bodies of women are different from men in numerous ways. Therefore, there should be a difference in the way they train. The best pre workout for women is the one that helps them in strengthening their muscles without being too drained off. There are some ways they can train themselves, but one thing should be kept in mind, and that is the level of energy retained in the body. You can get to know about the benefits of pre-workout for women and a proper guideline about natural supplements. Before working out, having some caffeine in your body is vital. It boosts up the energy level and let you work out eagerly.

Moreover, energy supplements such as Bioperine and Betaine Anhydrous helps in stimulating the body to a great deal. To keep the nervous system intact, intake of the vitamin B12 is crucial. For pre-work out green tea is good because it increases your metabolism and aids in burning fats. Evodiamine is a pre-workout booster that helps to increase the fat burning rate as well. Women should also try to avoid unhealthy activities such as drugs and smoking, which do more harm than anything else. For women, it is dangerous to take synthetic supplements. Instead of taking too several supplements, therefore, you should rely on work out.

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Benefits of Playing Field Hockey

Are you a field hockey player? If you are, there are numerous advantages you get out of playing field hockey that you might be unaware of. Here are some of them:

Benefits of Playing Field Hockey

Awesome cardio exercise: Hockey is a type of cardiovascular exercise, and whether you’re skating or running, your body profits by the movement. Due to the start-stop nature of the game, where snappy blasts of running are separated by times of rest, you appreciate significantly more prominent cardio benefits. Moments of recovery are alternated with vigorous activity, thus helping burn a higher number of calories. This is known as high intensity travel training.

Builds muscular strength: Field hockey likewise helps provide a strength-training workout, with the core and leg muscles being built specifically. The game can prompt upgraded muscular strength, and additionally help bring improvement in the athletic performance.

Enhances coordination and balance: Having fast responses is an absolute necessity amid game play. In field hockey, players must pass and get a ball that is traversing the field. Building up these aptitudes can prompt enhanced general balance as well as agility. Additionally, it helps improve your hand eye co-ordination.

Advances weight loss: Field hockey helps lose weight. You can get rid of excess body fat by participating in field hockey. The quick pace of the game requires short blasts of energy that burns calories and lifts your digestion. Every player consumes a rough number of 0.061 calories for every pound, every minute that they play.

Enhances breathing: The steady utilization of vitality and strong quality help in the advancement of the cardiovascular framework. Pumping of adequate amounts of oxygen through the blood enhances breathing and cell movement.

Helps build teamwork: Playing with a group of 11 individuals builds up the soul of collaboration towards effective accomplishment of objectives and triumph. It helps understand the importance of coordinating and working together as a team.

Supports endurance: The steady practice and sprinting over the field all through a game can bit by bit increase your stamina. This helps on the field, as well as in regular activities and other exercise schedules.

Upgrades mental quality: Exercise itself can enhance your temperament on account of the endorphins that are discharged, reducing the feeling of depression, stress and uneasiness. Field hockey gives every one of these advantages and demands great basic leadership and technique, which can be leveraged to both individual and expert life.

Enhances communication: Playing hockey includes the verbal and nonverbal communication of messages through eyes and motions, as players convey amid a quick paced game. This prompts the general change in the relational abilities of the players. What’s more, the better the communication, the better a group’s odds of winning.

Enhances speed: Field hockey reinforces the cardiovascular framework, as well as expands your speed and stamina. Quick footwork and readiness on the field can be gainful in regular day to day existence, particularly as you age.

Before you head out for your game, always ensure that you have your complete gear with you. From your field hockey stick to a good quality field hockey stick bag, carry all your essentials with you. If you don’t have a field hockey stick bag, you can read about it here. This will help you increase your knowledge about the bags as well as narrow down your search to purchase one that would best suit your needs.

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Play Pickleball Like a Pro

Playing pickleball can be a nice pastime for most athletes as it keeps them fit while sharpening their minds. Pickleball is a very new game if you compare it to the likes of badminton, squash, table tennis, and tennis, and not very many people know about it. Pickleball looks like a combination of table tennis and tennis, whereby the paddles resemble the ones used to play table tennis, while the court and net resemble the ones used in the sports of badminton and tennis. In this article, we are going to look at some of the tips that you can take into consideration to better your play.

Serving in the Middle

There are three spots that you can serve in pickleball, and they are hitting in the middle, cross court and front of you. The net being 2 inches lower in the middle, makes it best to serve over that spot. Serving near the white line dividing the court, a player can confuse the opponents as to who should go after the ball.

Try Staying in the Middle

It’s important to stay in the middle of your court when playing, and do not out-stage your partner as this will kill the team effort.

Learn to Spin the Ball

Experienced players are more knowledgeable about techniques as compared to novices, and one such difference is learning to understand the ball. The moment that you learn how to topspin your ball so that it’s volleys change direction and stay low in the air after a bounce, you’ll have advantage over the other players.

Know Where Ball Is Going

Be prepared for where the ball is being hit in your direction. If it is aimed at the sidelines with the aim of confusing you, be prepared to hit it back. The more experienced players can tell when the ball is going out, and that is the direction that you’re targeting. Many points are awarded to the other player freely due to ducking or stepping aside to watch the ball go out of bounds.

Don’t Slam Ball Too Much

As one plays pickleball, slamming the ball might be a preferred option because it works very well in games like soccer. However, in pickleball, that may not always work, since it may result in soft drinks or well-placed volleys most of the time if one is playing against a well-trained player.

Play Pickleball Like a Pro

Pickleball Paddle Reviews

There are many more tips to up your pickleball game, but now we are going to review some of the best new pickleball paddles that you can find on the market to help you perfect your game.

Pro-Lite Titan Pro

The Titan Pro Black Diamond Series Graphite Pickleball Paddle aims to revolutionize the paddle market. This paddle, armed with an extra-large hitting surface, razor-thin edge guard and premium materials, is truly a work of art. The black graphite carbon fiber face provides ample pop while the polymer core inside is full of sound-absorbing properties. This fantastic blend of materials offers maximum ball control and superior play. The paddle is quite the looker as well. Sharp, clean lines and a sophisticated design give this paddle a metallic feel. The Titan Pro Black Diamond Series Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a high-end paddle sure to give you razor-sharp accuracy.

Pro-Lite Blaster 2017

The Blaster Graphite has an extra-wide paddle face that competitive players love. The big paddle face of 8” and a handle of 4-1/2” long make this paddle a favorite at pickleball tournaments. Superb construction by manufacturer Pro-Lite Sports and a great balanced feel put this paddle in a class with some of the very best paddles on the market. The Graphite Blaster comes in one grip size of 4”.

Because it’s a more petite grip size, many players purchase the Blaster as well as a cushion grip and re-grip the handle for the perfect custom grip. This paddle has a considerable weight range, from 7.0 to 8.0 ounces. The paddle face is black graphite with a two-color screen print on top. A very slight texture can help aid a bit with spin and control. This is one nice piece of court equipment that we sure enjoy and think you will as well! The Blaster Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a sure crowd pleaser, and it’s a paddle that’s sure to be loved for many years to come.

Selkirk Pro S1C

Meet the Pro S1 Series of paddles, the bigger brothers of the very popular Epic series. The Pro S1 series is the culmination of everything we have been working on for the past 3 years. The initial idea for the Pro S1 came in collaboration with Tony Tollenaar, a top Selkirk Pro player. Tony suggested that we improve the Epic by shortening the handle and increasing the surface area of the paddle face. This seemingly small change, combined with a redesigned surface, produced a dramatic increase in performance and control. The Pro S1C is for the power player who does not want to sacrifice control. The Pro S1C Composite shares the same larger paddle area of the Pro S1G Graphite, giving it one of the largest sweet spots in the industry.

Pro-Lite Rebel PowerSpin​

The Rebel PowerSpin by Pro-Lite Sports is designed for pickleball players with that non-conforming, non-traditional attitude, the Rebel PowerSpin name says it all! Think of it as the James Dean of pickleball.

With a sexy shape covered in colorful, bold graphics, and comfortable handle wrapped with ProLite’s comfort contour grip, you’ll not only look great on the court, you’ll stay cool as ice. And while the Rebel has that put together look, there’s substance behind this handsome face.

Boasting an extra-long 16-inch reach, perfect balance and light 7.7-8.3-ounce weight, you’ll never have to say stop. Play all day long in your own style with Rebel’s polymer core and textured fiberglass hitting surface with fantastic PowerSpin control, and deliver the goods with a soft touch or rowdy punch.

Onix Graphite Zen V2

This paddle is designed for the intermediate-advanced player. This is the newest and boldest design that will surely stand out on the court. It is one of our quieter paddles because the core is aluminum. This is the top-of-the-line paddle by Onix Sports!

Pro-Lite Magnum Stealth

The Pro-Lite Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle is a popular paddle used by many national champions. It has plenty of pop and is great for the control player due to its light weight.

Venom Composite

The Venom paddle sleekly combines functionality and style. The PFG2 nomex core, is made from a unique core technology designed specifically for pickleball to generate power and increase control.

The paddle has a traditional tennis-like “weighted head” and long handle which increases power without having to add extra weight to the paddle. The longer handle allows for more reach and torque on power shots while …

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